Company overview

Kewisco Housing Cooperative Limited a professionally run Co-operative that is registered under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives in Kenya.

KEWISCO Housing Society was incorporated in 2014 to help member’s investment in compliance with the law. Previously KEWISCO Sacco limited assisted members to purchase land in Ongata Rongai (Rangau), Nakuru, Nazarene, Narok etc. Due to SASRA rules, the Sacco is no longer allowed to purchase land but limited to Savings and Credits. Kewisco Housing is now the vehicle to facilitate members to purchase land.

Since its inception in 2014, KHCL endeavours to address the housing challenges caused by the global recession that constantly puts a strain for a majority to own assets like land and houses. The co-operative acquires land at a negotiated low price and passes on the subsidized cost per unit to its members.

We draw our members from all walks of life, with our current membership standing at over  500 members, who have each invested in different projects.with a share capital of ksh11M.


Who we are

We are your investment partner of choice!

We are here to assist you across the entire process of identifying, purchasing and securing title to some of the best parcels of real property in areas poised for massive growth as per current developments.

Take a step and talk to us today. You’ll be glad you did for a long time to come


What We Do

  • Real estate development
  • Buying and selling of land
  • Value addition on land parcels
  • Commercial farming
  • Trading in equity and money markets

Membership and Share capital

Membership is open to all, and any member recruited will be approved by the society’s management. To become a member, one has to pay an Entrance fee and Share Capital.

Entrance fee is Two thousand Shillings (Ksh.2, 000) which is Nonrefundable. The Nominal Value of each share is One thousand (Ksh.1000) and every member shall initially hold a minimum of Five (5) shares to qualify for dividends which amounts to Five Thousand (Ksh.5, 000). The share Capital is Nonrefundable but can be transferred between members of the society.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Kewisco Housing office  or submit a business inquiry online.

Kewisco Housing has really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Aluoch Achieng
Sales & Marketing, Investor


Enhancing members returns through prudent property investment.


To mobilize resources collectively from various sources to acquire land, build houses and expand investment opportunities for purpose of wealth-creation for our members.


“Investment beyond savings”


          Ø  To provide members with affordable and genuine land.

          Ø  To raise and expand share Capital.

         Ø  To provide education to our members.

         Ø  To provide members with affordable housing in the long run.

         Ø  To provide diversified investment opportunities.

         Ø  To maximize returns on investments.



Ø  Value creation

Ø  Integrity

Ø  Returns on Investment

Ø  Trust

Ø  Unity of purpose

Ø  Enhance partnership


Non- Discrimination

No person shall be discriminated based on tribe, age, gender, religion, disability, political affiliation.


We shall endeavor to make all our products affordable to the ordinary Kenyans.

Value addition

We shall seek to add value to all our products.

Improved livelihood

The ultimate aim shall be to improve the lives of Kenyans as well as support wealth creation.

Our Committment

We will strive to improve our services to meet our growing member’s needs and we will continue to give our members value for their money as espoused in our motto,” investment beyond savings”

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