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Kweisco Housing is offering a farmland in Mulot that is selling at Kes. 300,000 per acre for members

Mulot is within Narok County and located between Narok and Bomet towns approximately 50 Km from Narok town. The land is located 13 km off the Narok – Mulot highway. The land on sale is 20 acres of farm land. The land is ideal for wheat farming and is currently occupied with the crop. It is well cultivated and drained.

As this is farmland, the Society will be selling the land at a minimum of one acre

The area

Mulot is a fast developing small rural trading centre, located 25 kilometres from Bomet town along the Bomet-Narok tarmacked road. The town is shared by Bomet and Narok counties with the world famous River Mara dissecting it into almost two equal halves. This river acts as a natural boundary for the township that also has two distinct names. The old town falls under Narok County is called Mulot while the new town, called Mulot Sunset, is in Bomet County. It is so named because it sits strategically on the western side of the old town and the sun always sets in the West.


The town serves as an attraction site to travelers passing through on their way to Nyanza and western part of the country. When the River Mara is full, a few stray hippopotamuses can be spotted but they retreat back when the water recedes. One might also stumble on wild animals such as hare and snakes living along the banks of the river and under the rocks. Giant toads are also found in the muddy banks of the river.


The town is also well known for its donkey market held every Saturday. It is the only one in the South Rift. “The market is booming and we cannot satisfy demand brought on by the legalising of donkey meat as a delicacy and the subsequent opening of donkeys’ abattoirs in Chemongoch, Baringo and Maraigushu,” says John Kosgei, a broker at the market.


Tourists from the Masai Mara Game Reserve also flock the town, mainly on Saturdays, to buy traditional wood carvings. They also get to sample the traditions and culture of the Kipsigis people, who are the majority in the area, although Mulot is a melting pot of many cultures where different tribes live peacefully side by side. The town has a 24-hour economy. What with the many bars, hotels, butcheries and lodges that dot the place. However, its main economic activity is wheat, fruit and bean farming as well as livestock rearing. The town is therefore considered a “food supermarket” for the larger Narok and Bomet counties. Despite Mulot’s economic strength, there isn’t a single bank in sight with residents relying on agency banking services and Mpesa outlets.

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