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The Secret to Growing Your Wealth Through Kenyan Real Estate

Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa with a GDP growth rate projected around 6% for the coming years. This provides tremendous opportunities, especially in real estate which has seen property values grow an average of 25% annually in recent years. The main drivers are a growing middle class looking to invest, increased infrastructure spending, and foreign investment.

Investment treasures.

At Kewisco Housing, our team of experts identify prime investment properties before they hit the mainstream market. We look for up-and-coming neighborhoods, commercial developments, and residential plots with long-term growth potential. Our connections and insider knowledge allow us to pick winners.

Future outlook .

Just last year, clients who partnered with us earned an average return on investment of 35% by flipping prime properties at the right time. We help you identify the hottest areas and provide end-to-end support from acquiring land, financing, legal paperwork, renovations, and finally selling or renting at maximum profit.

“What sort of dividends and earnings can I expect when investing in Kewisco?.”Neil Borton

Our investment portfolio offerings provide exciting hands-off opportunities to grow your wealth. You can invest in a managed fund of Kenyan properties and earn handsome dividends. Or co-invest in one of our vetted development projects for leveraged returns.


The time is now to invest in Kenyan real estate while property values are still affordable compared to markets like South Africa. With the right local partner, the sky is the limit. Kewisco Housing has the expertise and connections to chart your path to real estate success in Kenya. Get in touch today to learn more!

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